I’m Dieter Smessaert, complot thinker and seek the truth. I see hoaxing like bird’s in the sky’s.

While many sit behind their TV set in the sofa and soon go to sleep and get up again to go to work and come home and sit behind the TV set again like servile sheep edited by the media and politics, I seek the truth behind things that happen in our world. I am the truth seeker and find out what exactly happened and why.

Stop being not human and believe in the power of knowledge. Stop being racist because that’s not human to do. Even in nature you don’t see animals hating each other or be like us! We are losing our pats of being a damned human! Stop following the mainstream media and politicians and start believing in nature and not in colors or religion or anything the mainstream media is trying us to be! Racist is against human nature and is a government playing for hating each other. Likely not all humans fallow that path but believe in positive ways in life and spreading knowledge for the sleepers and believers of a normal life we never had of would have! Corona is even a disinformation and worldwide brainwashing thing people believe and give away there free will for safety reasons, that’s something I don’t understand. We’ve never had a normal life of a free will or police that works with the ground laws book instead of the psychopath’s politicians and fucked up mainstream media that says what big pharma companies say to say and spread. And another thing people, there are no unvaccinated people in hospitals or death by covid. We are still here.